Photo courtesy of Marissa Lynn Photography

It’s been 8 weeks and everyday seems like you were just here yesterday. Little reminders of you linger in this house and in my heart. I can hear the tip tap of your paws on the wooden floor. I can feel you rub up against my legs as I am cooking in the kitchen. I see your little face peeking through the closet door while I am in the shower. I miss you sleeping next to me on the couch while your dad watches cheesy movies.

Why are you not here? Because you needed to feel better, you needed to be without pain and run free. You suffered long enough and you knew that 10yrs of life with us was the best. If only we could have 10 more. We couldn’t be selfish.

What am I supposed to say? I say Thank You. Thank you for loving me and showing me that I could love unconditionally and wholeheartdly. Thank you for the frustrating times and how you tore apart my shoes and bathroom door just to get attention. Thank you for laying next to me when I needed the cuddles and the company. Thank you for not judging me and for listening to my rants. Thank you for letting me hug on you and squeeze because I never wanted to let you go. Thank you for being my companion and my love. Thank you for accepting us to be your family.

Photo courtesy of Marissa Lynn Photography

Where do I go from here? I don’t really know. Maybe I will be on time to events, to work and sleep in more. I was late to many things because of you and I could care less about it, because spending time with you was better than with humans. Haha! But know that you will never be forgotten. You will never be replaced and you will forever be the first dog that I truly loved. My heart will forever be yours.


You will always be my best friend.




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