Is life really better with sisters?

I am sure I will get plenty of grief for this blog, but I am also sure that I am not the only one that feels this way.

Let me start off by saying, I know I have a lot of “sister” friends, but I don’t have any blood sisters. What God and my parents gave me were four amazing older brothers that I would not replace for anyone else in this world. I have always wanted a sister, but then being the only girl had its great advantage. Though as I have gotten older, I have been searching for that different kind of sister.

I see posts about “I love my sisters”, “Sisters are your best friend”, “My life would be boring without my sister.” But what happens to those of us that don’t have sisters? Well, we look towards friendships, sister-in-laws, cousins, aunts and mentors. Though when you don’t even have that, where do you end up….LOST?

I say lost because that is where I have been for quite some time now. I have ‘gal’ friends, but when you crave that friendship, no one is really there.  Many times I have wanted someone to be there for me, someone to vent to without hearing judgement and just giving me that lift I need because they understand how I feel. But I feel that I am always the one reaching out…to an empty friendship circle.

Yes, adult friendships are hard, sisterhood friendships are even harder because you have families, a career and try to have a social life with whoever can make it. Brunch gets canceled, coffee dates get cold, and the book club never gets read. I don’t want a friendship to be convenient, I want it to be purposeful. I want that SISTERHOOD that everyone talks about. Am I being needy? Maybe….

Many times I have reached out to ‘my sisters’ about having a drink, getting together for lunch and maybe some window shopping. I even post it on social media for ALL my sisters to see. But again…I am lost in the shuffle of a newsfeed and feel ignored.

The truth is that I am tired.

Tired of trying to build something that’s not going to be there.

Tired of being disappointed.

Tired of the lack of sisterhood.

What I want is the COURAGE to create FRIENDSHIP on PURPOSE.

Many times I have felt like Carrie Bradshaw on her 35th birthday.

Yes, I am a Sex and the City nerd. Haha!cf200ccc5dd899eb9eddfbeb5f2da31e

So, the answer to my question, “Is life really better with sisters?” I don’t know, I’ve never had any.




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