What makes us a couple….

“I don’t believe in being or having incomplete partners. I want to be her fitness accountability partner, her travel companion, and her healer. I want her to be my source of passion, my cheerleader, and my safe haven from this mad world. I want us both to give everything we have to each other.” Sylvester McNutt

This is exactly what we try to achieve as a couple.  We are not a power couple, not a super couple, we are just Charles and Jo Ann, partners for life. We spend a lot of time with each other, because to us, quality time is a major key in our healthy relationship. We do have our days apart which are good days because it’s a refresher to our relationship. We appreciate each other more.

Photo taken in 2016

We are a couple that argues, cries together, makes-up, trusts each other and with that we have created a positive partnership that has taken a lot of effort and time, almost 18 years. You won’t see us all giddy or affectionate towards each other, that isn’t us in public. We joke around quite a bit, and when our eyes meet and we smile, we know exactly what the other is thinking…that’s talent and lots of love.

We rarely talk about our jobs, because why bring the stress of an 8 hour day into a loving, relaxing relationship. But what we do talk about it is our fitness goals, travel goals and family goals. We aren’t spring chickens, but we do our best to stay young and active. And for the past year we have both been active in CrossFit and Yoga. You know that saying, “Couples who work out together, stay together longer”, am I right? It’s worked for us so far.  From crazy WOD’s that our CrossFit coach has us doing to Yoga poses that are impossible to achieve at this time, we are definitely each other’s accountability partner. We cheer each other on and at times are a bit competitive, but we keep it cool. Ha ha!

Photo taken October 2017

Our adventures are endless. We do our best to take a good trip once a year. Right now, we are traveling to San Antonio weekly due to his father’s illness. And we do our best to keep each other’s spirit’s up and stay positive.

We love to bar hop on the weekends and invite anyone and everyone who wants to join us. We enjoy being around people who enjoy life to the fullest. We do our best to put down the phone and not look at what craziness goes on in the social media world. It’s a cray cray world, so let’s try to stay sane.

So, what makes us a couple….we make US a couple.

*Stay confident in your relationship.

*Trust and communication is the key.

*Always say ‘I love you” to each other no matter the situation.

*Laugh with each other whenever possible.

These are just my tips for a good relationship.

Cheers, jRose



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