dear 2017…

…I leave you behind. Most end of the year blogs begin with being thankful for the year. Well, I am not, it’s 2018 and I am ready for you!

I am ready to move forward this year and be happy. I will learn to live in the moment, plan a great future and travel more this year. I am excited to connect with my yoga practice and my crossfit workouts. But what I am excited about the most, it reconnecting with myself, finding out who I am to be and what I am about. I am ready to leave a legacy, a memory that will be embedded in minds across the world. Well….my little world in Houston.

Don’t get me wrong, 2017 had it’s good moments, and I have some good memories. It gave me purpose to see that 2018 will be great. It rekindled a few lost relationships and took away the toxic ones. But I don’t want to reflect on last year, I want to focus on what I can do this year! Travel more, see more of my friends, close and far. Drink more whiskey and celebrate life as it it given to me. Meet my fitness/health goals, but not worry if I don’t meet them. Help those who struggle with an eating disorder and possibly tell my story about my own struggle. It’s going to be good!

My home will slowly downsize and material things will be left behind. I feel if we haven’t used in a 2 yrs then it will need to be thrown away. There is no need for clutter anymore.

Speaking of clutter…people. No, I am not cleaning out my Facebook friends list. But I will say that my friendships have always been special to me. I do my best to include our friends in anything we do. But I know at times that our tastes do not match and well, we never see each other. I wanted to change that, but I have seemed to fail. I will try again this year, and if it doesn’t work out then I move on. Open invitations are always there and I would to hang out with you.

Lastly…there will be NO STRESS this year! My husband made it clear that this year will be stress free….home, work and socially. So, here’s goes nothing to the start of everything!

Cheers, jRose

If it’s still in your mind, it’s worth taking the risk.

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