Birthday Blog


In a few hours I will say goodbye to another year in the life of Jo Ann Rosenbloom. I am grateful and lucky to be able to celebrate another year. Though at times it can be exhausting and I feel that I’ve accomplished so little,  I am reminded how blessed I am. Yes, 46 yrs have gone by and the aging process has begun. But it’s a beautiful aging process because this past year I have devoted myself to a healthier lifestyle and a more calm surrounding. Therefore, aging will definitely be done gracefully.

46, you’ve tested me this past year. You’ve given me a different way to look at life and to enjoy myself and to take care of myself. You’ve given me pain, that I have overcome. You have made me cry with serious emotion, but with those cries came some amazing laughter that helped me forget why I cried. You’ve given me an open mind. You’ve revealed my inner strength and how to own all possibilities in life. I am grateful for you, 46!  3 years ago I was in a place in my life that was not fun. Emotionally, mentally and physically, my life was all over the place and I needed peace. I found it and I am still exploring. Though, I am not where I exactly want to be, but I know that 47 will guide me  to an amazing year full of great adventures.

Thank you for my heart…it is full of love.

Thank you for my mind…it is full of ideas.

Thank you for my body…I am learning to take care of it.

Thank you for my soul…the struggles are real, but the calmness is there.

All of this together is me!

I will step into another year, closer to myself, to my family and to a life that I was meant to live and love. That’s what it is all about…coming closer to heart…closer to home. I will build a life that my family is proud of and love me more.

Happy Birthday to Me!








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