The CrossFit Open 2017 – My Journey

Someone recently asked me about my experience during the Crossfit Open 2017. All I could say is that I am ready to try it all over again in 2018!

I went in knowing that I was going to do my best to accomplish a few movements and overcome the fear of failing. The excitement and my nerves were an emotion all wrapped in one. I didn’t know what the outcome of each workout was going to look like, but I was determined to try and before every Friday Night Lights, I prayed that God at least gave me strength to finish a movement, and thank you that I did pretty well on a few.

17.1 – Brutal and those DB Snatches and Box over Burpees were no joke. But I got through it and I was happy with my results. On occasion, I can handle a few Burpees, but not 75 of them and then having to go over a box. Umm….next workout!

17.2 – F*ck that! Lunges and my ankles DO NOT….I repeat DO NOT like each other. With very fallen arches, and tendons that are stretch from Houston to New York, I survived my one rep! Yes, I only did one rep and I couldn’t lunge anymore. The pain shot up and it was over. THANK GOD!

17.3 – Finally some barbell action! Pull ups and Snatches! Now, getting my chin over that bar was a task, but I did my best. Snatches…heck yes! My hip crease doesn’t really get below my knee crease (again ankle issues) but I was able to finish the first round of 18 snatches of 35# and two snatches of 55#. I actually PR’d that night and I was stoked!

17.4 – DEADLIFTS, WALLBALLS, ROWING and HAND RELEASE PUSH-UPS, OH MY! This is the night when I really doubted myself. After 55 Deadlifts at 95#, I was set that I WAS NOT getting through those 55 Wallballs, but I did and I actually got in a 1 Calorie Row. Haha! With the help of my judge and friend, he pushed me and I did it! That moment was so surreal and I was very proud of myself.

17.5 – The last CF workout and it happened to be Thrusters and Single-Unders! You might think 45# is nothing to lift, but lifting it 90 times … HELL IT’S HARD! I wanted to stop so bad and call it quits after the 4th round, but again I had a great judge and friend(s) that helped me get through it and I finished in 31mins; 48secs. To me, this workout was my biggest challenge and I overcame that fear of failing.

Overall, the experience was very challenging and emotional. At times I cried and many times I cussed out the world. But when you have amazing people surrounding you and giving you that push that you need to keep going…..why stop.

My Crossfit Equality family is amazing. My family and friends are amazing. Crossfit has changed my life in many ways….mentally, spiritually and physically. It’s helped me grow out of my fear of challenges and I have built friendships inside and outside the box.




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  1. Robin Thomas says:

    Well done! The 5 workouts were all tough. All challenging.

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