My First CrossFit Competition

Whoo Hoo!! I survived my first CrossFit competition. It was rough but I had a lot of fun.


CrossFit Equality hosted an In-House Competition along with their 4 year Anniversary. There was an RX and Scaled division. We all competed together in Heats throughout the day. I, of course, was part of the Scaled Division and I was okay with that!

The morning started early….4:30am to be exact. I had to eat some food and get fueled up for the day. Oatmeal with protein powder was my go to that morning. As I packed my gym and food bags, (I will post what I packed in another blog) I kept going over the WODS in my head. Will I lift heavy enough? Will I be able to get enough reps? Will I finish in time? But then I told myself, “Stop treating it like a competition, it’s your first one and have fun.” And so I did!

I arrived early to sign in and get our goodies. With a few of us outside the box working on our Snatch technique and going over mobility exercises, my nerves started to get the best of me. But I have great friends who encouraged me that once I finished the first WOD, I would be so pumped and the nerves would go away. And so they did!

Just hanging our with PVC pipes.

WOD #1 – Snatch Ladder

I did my best to Snatch 65# but it just wasn’t happening. I got a bit frustrated, then easily gave up. But being able to lift 10# more than I usually do….that’s progress!

WOD #1 – Ladder Snatch; PR’d by 10# (55# Snatch)

The second WOD consisted of 8 MINUTE AMRAP:

750 M Row (Buy In); 5 Thrusters (75m/35f); 5 Burpees onto plate (45m/25f).

This one was a bit emotional. I did cry during and after. But I had a great judge who kept me going and every time I didn’t get low in my squat, with a firm voice she would say, “Get lower JoAnn, you can do this! You’re doing a great job!” And so I did 26 reps. Not good, but not bad.

WOD #2 750 M Row (Buy-in)
WOD #2 Thursters and Buprees on a plate.

The Final WOD and probably the toughest I have ever done. The ones in red I did not do, because I ran out time. Freaking single unders were just a B*tch! Ring rows…not to bad.  I didn’t box jump, instead I did step ups and those were hard on my ankles. The kettlebell swings, I did 20 unbroken, now that I was proud of! Hanging knee raises…..haha! I had a great judge, who motivated me throughout the workout. Plus, he was the one that gave me a good little pep talk on why I should participate in this competition.

12 MINUTE CAP: 150 Single Unders; 15 Ring Rows; 40 Russian KBS (44m/26f); 30 Box Jumps (24m/20f); 30 Hanging Knee Raises ( I think I only did 10); 45 WB (14m/8f); 20 GTOH with Plate (15m/10f)

WOD #3; 40 KB Swings
30 Hanging Knee Raises

Overall, I had a great time and I happy that I did it. My confidence and my self-esteem is up and I now know what I have to work on for the next competition. I have a great team of fellow athletes that I look up to and coaches that are amazing. I will focus more on my nutrition and do ROMWOD to help with my flexibility.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, you will never know until you try!

Remember your goal and why you started!


Photos courtesy of CrossFit Equality



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