The smell of memories….

This morning as I cooked chorizo and egg tacos for my husband and son, memories of my mom came flashing through my head. Back in the day, when my dad worked for Coca-Cola, my mother would wake up very early in the morning and make him breakfast and pack his lunch. The smell of coffee, homemade tortillas and chorizo would fill our small little house and wake us up. Sometimes I would get out of bed and lay on the couch just to watch my mom cook. Still dressed in her nightgown and robe, she would move swiftly around the little kitchen, cooking and wiping down the counter. My dad would walk in and give my mom a kiss on her cheek, grab the brown paper bag, his thermos and head out to work. All of this happened by 5am.

After cleaning the kitchen, she would put aside what was left of dad’s breakfast and one of us would eat it later She would tell me to go back to bed, but I would just follow her and sleep in their bed until it was time for school.

My was and still is a super mom. Though she doesn’t move around the kitchen as swiftly anymore, she does her best to cook all the amazing meals we love.

I love memories like this. I love looking back at my childhood, because you know….IT WAS GREAT! I hope my kids have memories of me cooking and baking for them.





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